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Trash the dress session

The Trash the Dress is a beautiful session that takes place after your wedding, sometimes the very next day. In this photo session will you will feel as free to do what ever you want with your wedding dress. Nothing you would do the same day of your wedding.

Why should I take a Trash the Dress Session?

  • The first reason!! you have an opportunity or an excuse to wear your wedding dress again!

*This is an amazing session, it takes place after your wedding day, and it is 'safe' for your dress.. Once you say 'yes, I do' in front of your fiance. You will feel free to use your dress in innimaginable ways.

*There are unlimited places were you can go for this photoshooting: Cenotes, any beach at The Riviera Maya, a little but colorful fishing town by the beach...

*You don¥t need exactly to trash your dress, yes, you can mess it with mud, you can go to a Cenote for an underwater session, and also you can swin along your fiance in the beach with your wedding dress on!!

*Use innumerables textures for the shooting: the jungle, rocks, water, places as Tulum, Playa del Carmen, Cancun, such a beautiful places for your wedding day.

*This is an opportunity to treasure your wedding photos as you never could imagine.

*Just imagine how the green of the jungle could contrast with your beautiful wedding dress, or how it would look under the cristal water of the Cenote, or the the turquoise Caribbean ocean.

*A trash the Dress in The Riviera Maya is the perfect culmination for any bride and for her own magical wedding.

*Toghether we can create uninimaginalbes photos, that will last for ever!

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