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The Engagement Ring.

How many times have you sighed watching a love movie at the moment that he hands her an improvised engagement ring made of some material that he had nearby?

It could be a curled up piece of paper or a small cut tomato...

She, even though she is not a diamond, melts the moment he places the ring on her finger. It matters little to her at that moment what material it is made of. Since all the emotion is given by the symbolism of love that this act represents.

Some men may find the engagement ring too luxurious, but in the end it is a beautiful tradition that reflects the love a man has for a woman. This represents the desire to join their lives to create a new home.

Some curious facts about the engagement ring.

The ring is placed on the left ring finger, since in ancient Egypt, it was believed that this finger had a vein that reaches the heart. This custom survived to this day. If the ring is placed on this finger, love would be guaranteed to make its way all the way to the heart.

In medieval times, the rings had seals with which the letters were signed and thus the content in them was authenticated. These rings were also given to women as a sign of love and trust. This changed when Archduke Maximilian of Austria gave Mary of Burgundy an engagement ring, which was gold with a diamond embedded. And that is how it has come to us. Although this custom was of the royalty, in the 19th century, it began to become popular among the wealthy classes.

The diamond in the ring has a meaning of resistance. This stone is one of the most resistant in the world. And so is the commitment and love of who gives this jewel.

The youngest natural diamonds that are hanging around while you are reading this are already 900 years old. Finally, the legend says that diamonds are stars that fell from the sky and that is why they are so precious. The publicist Mary Frances Gerety already said it in what is considered the best slogan in history: “A diamond is forever”.

The ring also represents eternity and union of the couple, since a circle has no beginning or end.

In many countries the value of the ring must be equivalent to the income of one or two months of the groom. In other countries, more importance is given to the ring that the woman likes. Although the size and material is very important, the meaning of the ring as an engagement is still the main thing to consider.

Despite modern times, the burden of traditional meaning that these have is still of special importance, which is carried as a symbol of love and fidelity towards the couple.

Although as I mentioned before, the ring was reserved for the nobility and wealthy class, during the 50s when salaries increased, men saw the possibility of giving this special present to their loved ones. This upper class ritual has become popular all over the world. Since the 70s, this custom has only increased.

What stone to choose?

Engagement rings are not only made of diamonds. You can choose other stones that, apart from being cheaper, also have other meanings. For example, rubies represent passionate love, while sapphires symbolize sincerity and good fortune. The green stones mean fertility and abundance, the purple ones honor and discretion, the yellow ones joy and the white ones purity.

If you only place one stone it represents two hearts coming together as one, on the other hand three stones are past, present and future. Among the most popular cuts is the circular one that can represent that circle of eternity, followed by the princess cut where the stone is in a square shape and sharp angles.

I have already talked about the stones... but what about the ring itself, what is it made of?

Yellow gold in the past was very popular, as well as white gold today, about 75% are made of this material. However, platinum is gaining ground over the other metals. Platinum is extremely expensive, so palladium is also often chosen, which is similar to it, but cheaper.

Other cheaper materials you can choose from are titanium and cobalt.

It is said that a man, at the moment of deciding to give the ring, can spend an average of three months wandering between dozens of shops and models. This time can also serve the bride, so that she looks for a watch to correspond to the man for the ring. This is also a nice gesture as it symbolizes that the time of both of them will be the same when they are married. And this way the bride also guarantee that he will not be late for the wedding.

Doing a bit of history, it is believed that the engagement ring was given as proof that the groom was capable of keeping economically his future wife.

Historians from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) have pointed out that, in ancient Rome, the engagement ring was a sign of "ownership", marking the agreement of mutual love and "obedience". Other experts point out that it was in the year 850 when Pope Nicholas I declared that this symbol would be used by men to declare their intentions to marry a woman.

While this symbol is one of the most ingrained and popular wedding traditions, not all women are in favor of its use, so the groom must ensure that it will be a desirable gesture before preparing it.

What was the thing that caught your attention most about the curiosities about the engagement ring?

Share this information on your wedding page, friends and family. Do not hesitate to leave me your comments.

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