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Did your fiancé put a ring on your finger?

How long should you wait before your wedding?

It is very possible that the waiting time for you to receive your ring has gone completely unnoticed by you.... Or not...

Until the precise moment in which it happened.

But behind that perfect moment there were weeks, if not months, of planning by your fiancé so that everything turned out perfectly (and spontaneously).

But, the day of the engagement has come to an end, the photos of that special moment have already been uploaded to your social networks, you wore the ring in front of your friends... And now it's time to think about the date of the big day.

engagement photo session
wedding ring

Questions like these will pop up:

Will we get married in our city or in a destination venue?

What will I wear?

Who will we invite?

Endless questions without answers will appear in your mind.

Give yourself and your fiancé some time before worrying about the details.

Have this talk first:

The proposal could have been at a dinner, or during a field trip, or at the beach, or during an adventure... But what is certain is that after all these exciting moments are over, you ask him this question:

When will our wedding date be?

You both have the answer.

Choose a suitable time frame to be able to plan everything. Keep in mind that if you plan it more than a year in advance, most of your vendors will be available and you will also be able to give yourself adequate time to organize your finances.

During planning

The average time for an engagement is approximately one year. This is more than enough time for you to get everything organized without losing the initial momentum.

Start with the number of guests you want to invite, then move on to the venue where you want to have your wedding, and from there continue with the other vendors.

If your wish is to get married before 12 months, for whatever reason it may be, relatives visiting town, the season of the year, etc. Give yourself the time to enjoy your engagement for a few weeks before starting the planning.

This moment before the wedding is also very important and very beautiful things happen in this period. Emotions find their cause, the relationship is solidified and the sense of mutual belonging is increased.

Some final tips:

  • Decide the location of your wedding.

  • Select the date.

  • Define a budget.

  • Choose the style of the wedding.

  • Hire your vendors:

Wedding planner.



Minister, priest.

Photographer and videographer.

Stylist, among others.

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