How Much Does a Wedding Photographer Cost in Cancun Mexico?

By: Gonzalo Nuñez Photographer

The cost of a wedding photography service in Cancun (it will apply to all the Riviera Maya), is very similar to what you may pay in the US or Canada. Pricing for 6/8 hours of wedding coverage may start around 2,000 US dollars. These packages will not include that much, besides the coverage time and a limited quantity of edited images (online delivery). From there you can add a second photographer (always a good idea), order a photo album or include a photo session (trash the dress - underwater). Of course, you may (you will) find cheaper prices but like the old saying... `you get what you pay for`, there are hundreds (lots) of wedding photographers in the Riviera Maya, Cancun, and Playa del Carmen areas, but just a bunch of them are fully qualified for the job, are professional with hundreds of weddings coverages and will delivery memorable unique images. Finding the right wedding photographer in the Riviera Maya may seem like a daunting chore but in reality, you need to find the perfect balance in between quality, style and price (please put this to the end), always remember that you only have one chance of getting quality photos from your wedding and saving a few bucks today or finding a `good` deal could be a big mistake in future.

Also, a very important point that I'd like to address, hotels are pushing hard to get more business (like if it wasn't enough already), they try to sell their own photography services and will put you in the corner applying to you high fees for bringing outside vendors (any vendor), the quality you will get from a hotel photographer is not compared to what you get from a full seasoned vendor. So, be prepared to negotiate, do a deep online researching visiting Facebook, forums, asking friends and reading all you can, plan with time and hire your photographer at least 6 months in advance. Keep on mind that top tear photographers are booked one year or more in advance (and their prices are always consistent), so if you already picked a few be sure to contact them ASAP. I hope this article will be useful and if I can help you in any way please reach out. Note: ask your pre-selected photographer/s to show you at least 5 complete weddings, full weddings, not just the best shots, from start to finished, from getting ready to the last crazy dancing photo, this is the best way to evaluate the quality and the photographer style.